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Categories Threads Register Sign In. Don BigTriangle. August in Troubleshooting. I'm replacing suspension parts in my Can anyone tell me, beyond the generic Sachs "these are constructed in single or twin tube" and "superior handling vs great for trouble free driving" which shock is made single or twin tube and what they ride like with a King's 30 mm lowered spring? I'd like to corner in a sporting fashion and keep my fillings in my teeth so firm is good but rough is not: Thank you in advance guys.

Ford Prefect DW42 Currumbin. August Sachs quality is not what it used to be: I would say they are both crap. I've had Sachs shocks fail within a year on the front of a James jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress. BigTrianglefor the application you describe "I'd like to corner in a sporting fashion and keep my fillings in my teeth"considering you are using King lowering springs, I'd definitely recommend Bilstein B6 a. HD shocks, it's a popular choice with the RWD Volvo crowd, and I've used them on a few cars and they are just about a perfect balance between sporty feel and comfort, and they pair really nicely with King lowering springs.

DW I've found Bilstein Touring shocks don't pair very nicely with King lowering springs, they're more an OE replacement shock, but with the Bilstein HDs I've always felt really in control on hard corners but at other times the ride has remained nice and comfortable. August edited August I"m a big believer in do it right and do it once, I'll see if the finances stretch to a set of B6's. If local then AshDVS may be your man, he gets all the best go-fast bits.

Sachs Super Touring Shock Absorber 313 369

Sandwood trading is who I hear about regularly for semi decent prices on local parts and having a good stock. Still, if the exchange rate stays low it will be small light weight cheap to ship items that can come from the US for the right price. Sandwood are great. Old skool service at the warehouse too, nice people. Sign In or Register to comment.Remember Me? BMW Models.

Results 1 to 11 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Any one knows what this means? Does it mean a more comfortable ride or a stiffer ride? I prefer a comfortable ride. I hope I made the right choice.

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The BMW strut number is 31 31 1 Any ideas, thanks. The word "touring" alone would indicate its for comfort. If I am correct, the blue label is for the cars without the sport package, the red label is for the cars with the sport package. Do you have a sport package?

No, just standard. I believe you have installed the struts for the "Touring" model or in America, the Station wagon. Our cars are often referred to in terms of Sedan or Touring so I,m almost positive that is the case. I don't know if the front struts will make a difference but I'm sure the rears will. Call whoever you bought them from and ask Looks like they are just the NON-sport struts Interesting, I thought the Super Touring were the sport version.

Performance Clutch and Suspension by ZF SACHS

Bummer, that's what the PO installed on ours. Which explains why the front end feels pretty soft. No current BMWs. Originally Posted by Jason5driver.SACHS shocks and suspension products are designed to meet the highest Original Equipment standards of performance and reliability.

Founded in when Ernst Sachs filed his first bicycle wheel hub patent application, SACHS has remained true to a philosophy driven by technological innovation catered to providing customers with market leading automotive solutions that have been carefully engineered to meet and exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer standards.

SACHS shocks are created through rigorous testing and precision engineering. This expertise directly improves the quality of their consumer products ensuring optimum performance in everyday use. SACHS shock absorbers come engineered with precision-manufactured piston rods and valves for reliable, consistent performance, superior sealing for a prolonged service life, and seamless construction where applicable to ensure the optimal shape and longevity that good shocks require. All of this means that by investing in SACHS Shock Absorbers for your vehicle you can be sure of lasting quality, outstanding handling, and performance from your vehicle's suspension setup, and unrivalled comfort for you and your passengers.

Sparesbox also offers a wide range of SACHS suspension components, including bump stops, dust covers and top mounts. They have also used their famous precision engineering to create a high-quality range of premium transmission and clutch parts. The Sparesbox site requires javascript to be enabled to function. Please enable javascript and refresh. Clearance Products. Log in. My Garage: Add Vehicle.

Home Brands Sachs. Fitment Position. Sachs About Sachs. Shop Sachs Categories Cooling System. Clear all filters. Fitting Position: Front. Add to Cart.

sachs super touring

Fitting Position: Rear. Fitting Position: Rear Lh. Fitting Position: Rear Rh. Fitting Position: Front Rh. Buying Guides. Choosing the Right Shock Absorbers.

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Choosing the Right Clutch.User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? Join Us! Sachs Struts: Anybody got them? On my the OEM struts started getting squeaky at 65K miles. There are two different models of Sachs, the 'Advantage' and the 'Super Touring'.

Super Touring is softer and the Advantage is 'extra handling and stability' possibly harsher. I noticed the Altima uses Sachs struts. So am I the 'first on the block' to put Sachs on my Maxima, or have others here already done that?

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Sachs struts or have seen any Maxima with Sachs. This morning I checked with my shop parts suppliers, and none of them carry Sachs. Find local automotive repair shops in your area. Originally Posted by NissanTech. Same dilemma here. Hi Nissan, Stumbled upon your message here, while looking to answer the same question, only in now - KYB or Sachs for Maxima. Just wondering if you went ahead with Sachs back then and what your experience was like?

Anyone who has Sachs shocks or struts on their 6 Gen Maxima is also welcome to share! Tags sachsstruts. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules.

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All times are GMT The time now is AM. Contact Us - Nissanhelp. Things You Can Do. Mark Forums Read. User Name.Advantages, that are of great value not only to highly tuned vehicles but also in motor sports. Every SACHS performance clutch is a product of the concentrated expertise obtained from many years of working in the motorsports industry.

The extensive expertise gained on the toughest race tracks in the world has been directly applied to the development of the SACHS Performance clutches. Click here to read more. Find the right performance clutch.

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ZF SACHS Performance height-adjustable coilover suspensions feature sports-oriented responsiveness, long service lives, unparalleled quality, and simple handling, as well as quicker and low-priced installation. High-quality monotube dampers are used for the high-tech shock absorbers from the SACHS performance series, Their special alignment and a valve system, which allows flexible characteristic curves to be adjusted, provide maximum sportiness right up to their threshold limit.

Find the right suspension. Our competition clutches are developed for virtually all racing applications. Find the right competition clutch. Are you a dealer, tuner or have a car workshop? Register today as professional partner for the SACHS Performance and Racing products and take advantage of our special dealer packages and attractive conditions.

Register now.By eyeballumbrellaJune 22, in Performance Modifications. Couldn't agree more with the quote on the IPD website. The trade off is a bit more rigidity with the Bilsteins - but not enough to compromise comfort significantly. The quote: "You guys are too subtle in your ads for these things, you've got to let people know that this is the fix!

But regardless the TC are waaaay better than OEM for around the same price and if you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket get the HD series, they are supposedly extremely nice. I plan to get a set of HD's in the spring.

sachs super touring

I think the HD might be a little harsh for a DD but everyone has their own taste and preferences. I'm running HD's with stock springs on my turbo and for me I don't think they are crazy harsh, maybe a little though. Impact harshness was jarring, and they actually jack up the car.

On some roads I would completely agree with you, but the roads I have been driving really weren't too bad. Had Bilstein HD's on a Volvoworst decision I ever made, simply too firm, and they raised the car because they actually acted as an additional spring. TC may be fine, but I have an S60 T5, and it has firmer springs to begin with, and with the Sachs shocks, it it a nice compromise.

Road in Seattle have too many bad sections to be running around on shocks that make your teeth rattle when running over a cigarette package.

I've got the bilstines in my R and I can't complain. The ride is fine, and the handling is fine too.

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But coming from slammed Honda's with upgraded suspension, a radio flyer wagon rode better, so to me, the car is like driving my living room chair around. Not my favorite thing to drive around the potholes of Brooklyn, but they're bearable. And if they're Bearable in Brooklyn, believe me, they're moreso anywhere else. What I'm really curious about is whether I should do all Touring or add HD to the rear with a tow hitch.

The TC's spring perch in the front is about an inch higher than OEM, making the ride height a bit higher. Also everyone I've ever heard of using the HD's say the right is very stiff and jarring while users of the TC say it's plush, but still somewhat performing.ZF Services is an international supplier of a wide variety of automotive products for both OEM and aftermarket suppliers.

They have a variety of product brands, including highly regarded Sachs and Boge Shocks. The company began when a young German cyclist, Ernest Sachspatented his first cycling innovation in Today the company has 25 different manufacturing and distribution centers in 14 different countries. They are the leading manufacturer of both OEM and aftermarket shock absorbers for European cars. Sachs Touring Shocks for Passenger Vehicles These shocks are designed for the average driver who wants an above average ride and above average handling.

The piston rods and rod guides inside these shocks are chrome-plated and wear and tear proof, guaranteeing an air tight seal for better performance and durability. They are coated with a water based lacquer which protects the shock against corrosion as well as being environmentally friendly. Sachs Advantage Shocks for Passenger Vehicles These shocks are quite unique in that they are tailored to the vehicle on which they will be used. Both mono and twin tube gas pressurized designs are used, whichever best matches the suspension needs of the make and model of the vehicle.

sachs super touring

The axle, suspension design, and vehicle type are all taken into consideration when selecting valving and other components for the Advantage Shock. Each shock is tailored to the axle load, suspension design, and normal operating conditions of the vehicle make and model.

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Piston rods are chrome-plated and highly polished to reduce friction and are treated to resist corrosion. Abrasion proof and age resistant rubber compounds are used in all fastening joints.

Shocks are subjected to literally thousands of hours of rigorous testing before they are released into the market. The end result is a commercial use shock absorber that not only performs extermely well, but lasts far longer than competitive shocks. And Sachs Shocks are available all over the world. Shock absorbers do not operate in isolation and Sachs struts and shock mountings are subjected to the same precision design and manufacturing processes as are the shocks themselves.

They also are subjected to the same rigorous testing process. Boge Shocks for Passenger Cars Boge offers the Boge Automatic as a quality replacement for drivers wishing to maintain original equipment ride quality and performance handling.


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